Group W Entertainment Post-Production Services

“Things must change in order to remain the same.”

Burt Lancaster in Visconti’s The Leopard

Group W Entertainment is a post-production enterprise. We specialize in collaboration with film and media creators to tell stories using leading-edge technology.

From day one, movie storytelling has been made possible with new inventions that create an experience beyond physical reality. Illusion. Magic. Sensation. Fabricated, yet real.


The Editor’s art has always been to arrange image and sound to manifest the vision of the writer and director. To tell a good story effectively, in a situation where reality is created when belief is suspended using powerful tools. 

The Editor’s craft continues today in the digital realm where new programs and technology stretch human imagination, telling previously impossible-to-be-told stories using previously unimaginable tools.

What remains the same is the creator’s goal of storytelling that inspires, entertains, informs, provokes. Makes the viewer feel, laugh, cry, think, act. As an experience, alters time and space and gravity.

What does this all mean? That’s for you to imagine and for us to help you manifest.

Our services include the following: Post-production Supervision. Creative collaboration. Digital Nonlinear Editing, Digital Image Processing, Sound Design, and Visual Effects. Group W Entertainment uses non-game applications of Unreal Engine 5 and Unity.

Group W Entertainment, Development Department: We are interested in developing both new and repurposed material for both short form and long form stories and scripts.

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